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This is the place of your dreams were every duelist battles to there hearts content
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we're having an alliance guys! The academys are in the affiliates section! and
Remember to submit your favourite music!
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Wat's your fave music out of these top 7?
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 20% [ 3 ]
Naruto theme song
Starter Guide Vote_lcap20%Starter Guide Vote_rcap
 20% [ 3 ]
Fine china
Starter Guide Vote_lcap7%Starter Guide Vote_rcap
 7% [ 1 ]
we own it
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 20% [ 3 ]
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 7% [ 1 ]
thrift shop
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 13% [ 2 ]
I wanna be(Soul Eater)
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 13% [ 2 ]
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red-eyes b. dragon
red-eyes b. dragon

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PostSubject: Starter Guide   Starter Guide Icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 8:23 am

Introducing Yourself
We want to know about you, so make sure that your first post and topic will be an introduction section. Then our members will welcome you and that will be your official start in SDA.
Dorm System
We have 3 dorms: fire fist Red, chaos Yellow and mermail Blue. For us, you are valuable as much as you show us in here, what you are outside, it does not concern us. This means, you will get tested by one of our testers with a test deck. There is also the elemental fury Dorm which is highest dorm. This dorm is reserved only for the best, the ones with many achievements here in HDA. Ranking up to higher dorm can be done by participating in our tournaments and events which can give you a ranking up as a reward or earn DP from the tournaments or duels.
Now, you learned about Dorm System and it is time to create your own dorm room. Dorm room is your own thread which is created in the dorm you belong to, and you can post things you like there. SDA is your home and that thread is your room in the house. Just don't post inappropriate.
This place is a forum which means all we do here, we do it with posting things in correct sections. While you wait for replies in your Introduction topic, check all sections in our forum so that when you post, you do it in right place. We are looking for activity from our members, so would like for everyone to be active and post in topics where they feel they can give an answer, or just discuss things. There are a lot of ways to raise your post count, the easiest is OFF-TOPIC section. It's fun, you can post and discuss any topic you want, as long the thread doesn't contain any inappropriate material. You can also welcome new members into our academy every time someone posts an introduction.
Dueling Systems
Dueling Systems are online programs on which we play YGO. Will do must of our duels and tournaments on Dueling Network but we would allow you to use DevPro if you have it to have your match duels. System which is best to use is DUELING NETWORK and elementals . Everyone uses it and we use it as our main dueling system too.
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